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By joining the Open Source Routing (OSR), your support will fund the advancement and the growth of routing technology and research. Members of the forum enjoy great benefits and can select from one our three tiers of membership to best suit their needs and level of support.


Benefits Charter Partner Supporter
Proactive Notification of Patches and New Branch (Pre-Release)
Acknowledgement of Sponsorship via Website, Marketing Collateral, and other Mediums
Pre-Release Version of OSR Release for Testing “In-House”
Vulnerability Security Management
Participants in OSR Hosted Discussions Around Networking Solutions Using Quagga
New Release and Feature Webinars/Education
Access to Testbeds (Testing New Features)
Analysis of New Features (SOW Development)*
Private Branch Testing and Release Management*
Software Support (Priority Bug Fixes, Phone Support, etc)
Development of New Features Based on SOW
Major Feature Additions Into Release (Integration Support)
Develop Network Solutions Using Quagga
Contribute/Influence OSR Testbeds
Quarterly Roadmap Planning for OSR Release: Pre-Mainline Merge

*Charter Sponsors receive this service without charge
Option is available to both Charter and Partner Sponsors. Contact our representatives for more information and receive a quote

Feel free to contact us for further information in regards to our Membership programs. Click here to go to the contact form.


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